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A criminal lawyer is also referred to as a criminal defence lawyer or a public defender. He works to defend an organisation or an individual. He will also defend an entity that has been charged with a crime. The criminal lawyer has to handle a spectrum of cases which could be related to sex, domestic violence, drug crimes, fraud, embezzlement, etc.

Check here on what your roles and responsibilities will be if you want to be a criminal lawyer. The criminal lawyer will represent the defendant who is facing any criminal charges in the court. The scope of their practice could be hearing of bail bond, a plea bargain, appeal and post-conviction remedies etc. The criminal lawyer has to investigate the case and interview the witness. He has to research the case, the crime cedes and the procedure laws.

The criminal lawyer will also build a defence and then develop a strategy to fight the case. He will negotiate with the prosecution in order to plea a bargain and ask for fewer charges. The criminal lawyer is also responsible to draft, file and argue on the emotions. He will also advocate the defendant during the trial.

You need to have proper education, training as well as certification to practice as a criminal lawyer.

The education requirements to be a criminal lawyer is to first have a bachelor’s degree and then get a degree in law. It takes seven years to get both the degrees.

After that you will have to pass the bar examination in the state where you wish to practice criminal law. You may also need to get certification to practice criminal law.

The criminal lawyer will need some skills and competencies to succeed in this field. This includes being able to write and speak well. The criminal lawyer should have excellent oratory skills and should be able to write well.

This will let him argue on the case better in front of the judge and he will be able to persuade the jury.


My office is located in the heart of Nashville’s legal community where I am Of Counsel status with the noted Higgins Firm.  My office is located one block off Broadway and the entertainment district.  My office is just a short walk to Davidson County’s main courthouse, the Metro jails and Ben West Building.