DUI laws

Tennessee DUI laws are extremely complex and the process is extremely difficult to understand unless you are a seasoned criminal defense lawyer.  The following information summarizes the typical steps that occur in the Tennessee Criminal Justice System when the accused is arrested for driving under the influence in Tennessee. 

A criminal lawyer job is in demand because this a growing practice. The crime rates have moved upwards and the criminal laws keep changing. The number of people who have been imprisoned in the last few years is much more than what it was before. Crime rates are increasing across the world and this is why the need for criminal lawyers to defend the accused is on a rise. More info here on how to be a criminal lawyer.

Most of the criminal lawyers will have their own private practice or work in a solo firm. There are some who will work for a non-profit agency. Others may be employed with the government. They here work as a public defender. The criminal lawyer has to work for long hours and their job hours are mostly irregular. They would have to meet their clients outside of their office. They may have to arrange for meetings in hospitals, courthouse, and prisons or in other venues. Most of the criminal lawyers will have a local practice. However those that have a national practice would have to travel a lot.

To be successful as a criminal lawyer it is important that one has good interpersonal skills. The criminal defendants are not easy to handle and they would go through many lawyers before they decide whom to hire. Thus it is important that a criminal lawyer has the ability to attract their clients and also retain them. This is an essential skill if you want to practice criminal law.

This article covers the time the defendant is arrested through the trial in criminal court.  In order to understand the Tennessee DUI Process, simply remember that Tennessee has a two tier process where cases are heard in both General Sessions Court and Criminal Court.  The procedures of these two separate courts are completely different.  However, the laws and elements that govern the case are identical.